Is your business paying too much for electricity?

Probably, 9/10 actually do – and we want to do something about it. We help you find a better deal – completely free!

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The situation in the electricity market is even worse for businesses

The business electricity market is even more chaotic than the consumer market. There are over 100 electricity companies that offer business contracts, but most of them do not want to display their own prices and terms on their websites – it is common to have to contact them to get an offer. This makes it time-consuming and incredibly difficult to compare the contracts.

In addition, it is not legally required to disclose all pricing elements in business contracts. Companies can lure customers with spot price agreements with low markups, but then make up for it by overcharging for electricity certificates, regulation costs and trading costs. Unfortunately, in the business market, it seems like the norm is poor terms, incomprehensible pricing elements, and long contract durations. We want to do something about that!

Slipper recommends

Spot price agreement

Since we are in the middle of a power crisis and no one knows how long it will last, we currently recommend only one type of agreement: a spot price agreement. We recommend spot price agreements without hidden pricing elements or binding and termination periods, of course.

Prices and terms

Markup: 1 øre/kWh (including. el-sertificates)
Monthly fee: 35 kr/mnd
No hidden costs
No binding or termination period

Something we should look into?

Are you wondering whether your business has a good or a bad electricity agreement? Send us a copy of a recent invoice to, and we will gladly try to decipher it (electricity companies tend to make this task difficult).

Of course, it is both non-binding and free.

Ta en kontroll av din bedrifts strømfaktura

Our business customers range from housing cooperatives, condominium associations, office spaces, sports clubs, restaurants – and even a salmon farming facility. In short, if you have an organization number, we would be happy to assist you!

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