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Slipper ensures that you always got the cheapest energy contracts

We monitor the electricity market and switch you to a cheaper contract when it pays off

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Slipper er støttet av Forskningsrådet
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Your personal electricity shopper

slipper bytter strømavtaler for deg automatisk
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We keep track of what is cheapest

It is advantageous to switch electricity contracts often, but it requires time, knowledge, and energy. That’s why we do the switching for you!

Slipper bestiller strømavtaler til deg som gir deg billigere strøm
Fordel #2

We switch for you when you can save

We monitor the price of your contract and switch electricity contract for you automatically when it pays off.

Slippers kunder sparte 3708 kr i 2020
Fordel #3

We tell you how much you save

You get an overview of savings every month. In 2022, an average Slipper customer saved 4225 NOK.

Vi har sparegaranti - vi garanterer at du får lavere strømutgifter!

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What our customers say

  • Nina smiles to the sun


    It’s great to know that there is someone who is doing their utmost to get my electricity expenses as low as possible. It saves me both money and unnecessary stress. I warmly recommend Slipper to everyone I get the opportunity to 😊

  • Torgeir is a satisfied customer


    Last year I saved 14,000 NOK. I could never have done it on my own. I’m glad I don’t have to!

  • Kristin is a happy Slipper customer


    I am so pleased that Slipper navigates my electricity contract through a sea of offers that can be quite incomprehensible at times. I can just sit back while they steer the ship.

  • Randi is happy she found Slipper


    I’m glad we came across Slipper, it has saved us a lot of money and frustration in a market with many players. They take care of the job – we save money.

We benefit from you always having the cheapest electricity contracts

Slipper has no binding period and costs nothing if you don’t save anything. If you save money, we share the savings equally. Simple and fair – like it should be!

slipper illustrasjon pris

This is how much you can avoid paying extra

Results for an average customer over the past three years:


1732 kr


3708 kr


4225 kr

*The amounts above are after we have deducted Slipper’s share

Slipper in the media

  • Dagens Næringsliv logo

    “Gründere utnytter strømselskapenes lokketilbud”

    Slipper omtalt i Dagens Næringsliv i en sak om at stadig flere klager på strømselskapene.

  • Avisa oslo logo

    “Noen av våre kunder har spart tusenvis av kroner”

    Slipper intervjuet av Avisa Oslo i en sak om at mange frykter økte strømpriser. 

  • Europower logo

    “Når ingen tjener penger, men alle tar ulik pris”

    Debattinnlegg i Europower Norge: Slipper problematiserer uklar markedsføring i strømbransjen.

  • dn logo

    “Det store strømstøtteranet”

    Debattinnlegg: Slipper skriver om hvordan av Norges største strømselskap har tatt seg grovt overbetalt av kundene sine over lengre tid.

  • “Legg ned strømsselskapene”

    Debattinnlegg: Slipper skriver at strømselskapene på mange måter et helt unødvendig og fordyrende mellomledd, slik bransjen fungerer i dag.

Who are we?

Slipper is a Norwegian technology company with a vision to contribute to a more competitive, sustainable, and fair electricity market.

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How nice! Please use the contact form below or send us an email to [email protected]

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Slipper works to help you save money on electricity expenses

We are on the same team. Slipper is a completely independent service that makes sure you are on the cheapest electricity plans.