Slipper is the service we missed since we became electricity customers

And who are «we»?

«We» are Joakim, Jon og Viktor.

Jon and Joakim met at primary school, and got to know Viktor a few years later. And now we are soon 30, so you get the deal – we have known each other for a while. Together we started Slipper – a service we wished were available when we became electricity customers. 

  • Joakim

    Joakim loves numbers – so he’s our economist. When he isn’t deep in a spreadsheet, you might find him sailing in the Oslofjord. 

  • Jon

    Jon is our tech head. On his time off you will most likely find him in or close to the ocean, either under or above the surface!

  • Viktor

    Viktor is head of operations, and is maybe one of the first people in Norway with 100 000 plays on his own podcast. 

  • Moina

    Moina is one of the founder behind the tech company Ntention. He is both mentoring Slipper and working with space tech – what a guy! 

Complicated marked

The idea behind Slipper came to us after trying to find the best and cheapest deals. To find the hidden treasures deep in the electricity jungle was no simple task – therefore we started Slipper so we can help people from getting ripped off.

Not everyone starts in a garage

Some companies actually start in a pizza restaurant. At least Slipper did. In the spring of 2020, we were able to rent free premises in a pizza restaurant in Oslo that was closed due to the pandemic. Here we sat for nine months before both the community and the pizza restaurant opened up. Today we have regular offices, but only a few steps away from Oslo’s best pizza.

Did you know that there are more than 150 electricity companies in Norway?

Before we started Slipper, we considered starting an electricity company. But to be honest – maybe 150 is enough? That’s why we started a completely independent service that ensures that you always have the best electricity deals, all the time. Then you do not have to deal with which of the 150 electricity companies you have.

Innovation Norway + Slipper

Slipper has received support from Innovation Norway to be an innovative service that contributes to increased consumer power, lower electricity bills and increased knowledge about electricity.

A little secret is that we applied three times. Never give up! All good things are three 😊

Slipper i Dagens Næringsliv

“Entrepreneurs take advantage of the electricity companies’ lure offers: – The day no one is fooled anymore, we have to find something else to do”

In November 2021, Slipper was interviewed in Dagens Næringsliv, in an article about the fact that more and more people are complaining about the electricity market. We are proud to have developed a service that we believe solves the problem.

Read the whole article in DN.

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