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A letter from our CEO

The beginning of the end of the electricity sales industry?

Most people are aware that it is possible to save money by switching electricity suppliers, but very few do. And I understand that very well. Just the thought of being bombarded by telemarketers can put most people off.
This was the problem we wanted to solve when we started Slipper in 2020. And the vision has always been clear: The day no one is tricked into paying too much for electricity, only then will we have succeeded.
So, how were we going to do it?
We realized early on that it was no use collaborating with the electricity companies. After all, they were fine with customers paying too much. “Sleeping customers”, as we were told, were their livelihood.
That’s when we realized it. We must make it easier to change electricity contracts than not to! It might sound impossible…?
Well, after four years of development, we are proud to have created the first app in Norway that does the “follow-and-switch” job for you. All you need to do is approve the changes in the app.
In any case, it couldn’t be much simpler. And if everyone in Norway leaves, yes – then the sneaky electricity sales companies actually have no customers left.
So join the journey and let’s change the electricity industry!
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