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The service that challenges the electricity industry

Slipper is a Norwegian startup established in 2020. The team behind Slipper has one goal; to contribute to a more competitive, sustainable, and fair electricity market.

Slipper tar opp kampen med strømbransjen
Strømmarkedet er forvirrende

Welcome to the (electricity)jungle

There are more than 150 different electricity companies in Norway today, and even more electricity plans. Perhaps it’s not surprising that some refer to it as a electricity jungle?

Many people find the electricity market complex and confusing. According to Forbrukerrådet, as many as one out of two customers feel cheated.

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Our vision

The day when nobody is tricked into paying too much for electricity, that’s when we have succeeded

The problem in the electricity industry today

Forbrukerrådet director Inger-Lise Blyverket once said on Dagsnytt 18: “electricity is electricity.” We completely agree. There is no quality difference, electricity is electricity. Therefore, electricity should be an incredibly simple product.

The problem today is that many electricity companies do not see the benefit of a transparent and honest electricity market, because they earn more money the worse the customer’s electricity agreement is. Therefore, they are also interested in keeping the electricity market unnecessarily complex and opaque.

We have the solution!

Slipper is the service that challenges the electricity industry. Unlike electricity companies that earn more money the worse the customer’s electricity agreement is, our incentive is always to ensure the customer has the best electricity agreement. We have simply turned the business model of electricity companies upside down.

Being a Slipper customer is like having free insurance against being tricked. We ensure that our customers always have the best electricity agreements and stay away from the unscrupulous players in the electricity industry. In this way, we contribute to a more competitive, sustainable, and fair electricity market!

Our Journey

The Clear Idea

March 2020

In the spring of 2020, we were supposed to sail across the Atlantic, but then the pandemic hit – and the boat was left in the Bahamas. Life was turned upside down – from ocean adventures to unemployed in Oslo.

Like many others during the pandemic, finances became tighter. Therefore, we started to investigate where we could save money – starting with the electricity bill.

We were shocked when we realized how much we had overpaid to the electricity companies – over several years. And that’s how the idea for Slipper was born.

From Idea to Reality

May 2020

Slipper AS was founded by the founders Joakim Stene Preston, Jon Stensåsen, and Viktor Lange Lundaas in May 2020.

The same month, Slipper had its first 10 pilot customers – mothers, fathers, friends, and family. At this point, electricity prices in Norway are historically low.

Fun fact: Not all entrepreneurs start in a garage – Slipper actually started in the premises of a pizza restaurant that we were allowed to borrow for free during the pandemic.

Launch of Slipper

June 2021

Norway’s first electricity shopper was launched on June 30, 2021. The same month, we reached the milestone of saving 1 million kroner for our customers.

Further Growth and Development

September 2022

Slipper continues to grow and surpasses 1,000 customers without having spent a penny on marketing. In the autumn of 2022, the electricity crisis in Europe is a fact, and we experience record high electricity prices in Norway.

The Road Ahead


The original trio has grown to a team of 10 dedicated electricity shoppers. There is still a lot of cleaning up to do in the elctricity business, and we look forward to to challenge ahead! 

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Slipper in the media

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We are on the same team

Slipper is a completely independent service.
We work for you – and only you.