Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. 

About Slipper

How much can I save?

It is very individual, first and foremost it varies on your electricity consumption. An average Slipper customer saved 3,708 kr in 2021. Customers with smaller apartments typically save less, and customers with larger houses can save way more. 

What’s the difference between Tibber and Slipper?

We actually do what many people believes Tibber does. Tibber is a power company which has only one electricity deal; spotprice + 1 øre/kWh surcharge and 39 kr/monthly. Tibber’s deal is good, but there are cheaper ones out there. Slipper is not a power company, but a independent third party service which make sure you always have the best electricity deals. 

How do you know which is the best deals?

We monitor the marked continuously, all day, every day. There is hundreds of different deals available at each moment, and we track them all. It is possible to do this yourself, and we gladly share our best tips if you are interested. Slipper is a service for those who want someone to do the job for you!

How do you calculate how much I save?

We compare with what your price would have been with your previous deal – simple as that. 

If you become a customer without a previous deal, we compare with what you would have payed with the most common deal of the biggest power company in Norway. 

Can I save money vs. Tibber?

Yes you can 😊

Tibber has only one power deal, a spotprice deal which costs 39 kr/month and spotprice + 1 øre/kWh. 

Slipper is not a power company. Slipper is a service which makes sure you always have the best deals. And even if we think Tibber is a cool company (with a cool app), there exists cheaper and better deals out there. 

Can I save money vs. Fjordkraft?

Yes you can! 😊

Fjordkrat has many differnt deals, and the most common is a spotprice deal which cost 39 kr/monthly and spotprice + 3,9 øre/kWh.

Slipper is not a power company. Slipper is a service which makes sure you always have the best deals. And even if we like Fjordkraft (which probably has the best customer service), there exists cheaper and better deals out there. 

Can I save money vs. Motkraft?

Yes you can! 😊

Motkraft has only one deal, which is a spotprice deal which cost 19 kr/monthly and spotprice + 1 øre/kWh.

Slipper is not a power company. Slipper is a service which makes sure you always have the best deals. And even if we like Motkraft (which is non-profit), there exists cheaper and better deals out there. 

I have become a Slipper customer – do I need to do anything?

No, that’s the whole point!

Vi fix everything regarding the switches. You also don’t need to cancel your previous deal – that happens automatically. 

You will receive and email with information before each switch, so you always know which deal and which company you have. 

How much time does it take before the service starts?

To do a switch can take up to 14 days, but normally it happens in a few days time.

Can I have several adresses with Slipper?

Of course!

You can have all your houses and cabins (as many as you want)

Is there any lock-in period (bindingstid)?

No 😊

We believe in freedom and happy customers. 

I have a business. Do you provide your service to companies?

Yes, we can!

As the market for businesses is different – send us an e-mail to to get started. Feel free to attach a copy of a recent invoice to the email so we can do an analysis.

Bills and payments

Where do I receive the first invoice?

If you have accepted eFaktura (electronic invoice) all your bills will automatically go straight to your online bank. If you haven’t you will receive invoices in your mailbox.

Power companies also offer Avtalegiro if you are interested in automatic payments. 

Why do I receive a separate invoice from Slipper?

If you receive an invoice from us, it means that we have succeeded in lowering your bills the previous month – and then we will send you an invoice with our share of the savings (50%).

Most of our customers receive an invoice from us every month – which is actually a good sign (they have saved money!)

Do you offer Avtalegiro?

Yes, sure do! 😊

You activate Avtalegiro like you normally do with your bank. 


What exactly is the difference between network charges (nettleie) and electricity?

Network charges:
The network charges bill goes to the maintenance and development of the power grid (cables, power masts, etc.) and for the transport of electricity from the power plants to your socket.

The electricity bill is for the actual electricity you use. Electricity is bought by the electricity companies on the stock exchange Nordpool and then resold to you.

As it has opened up for electricity companies to offer network charges and electricity on the same invoice, many people think of both network charges and electricity when they refer to the “electricity bill” in everyday speech, but in reality there are two different products from two different companies.

Do I still receive the compensation from the government as a Slipper customer?

Yes you do! 😊

The compensation from the government is based on the average spot price in you area, which means you receive the same compensation no matter which deal you have. With other words it is still beneficial to have the best deals. 

And you also don’t have to do anything to receive the compensation, it is automatically deducted from your network rental (nettleie) bill. 

Where can I see my electricity consumption?

If you would like to track your electricity consumption, we recommend using the app/my pages to your local network company. You can also use my pages at elhub. If you live in “Østlandet” the network company Elvia has a very good looking app which works whichever power company you have. 

Do you have an app which shows electricity prices?

Not yet! But we will hopefully provide one in the near future. 

Do you still have questions for us?

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