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Any questions? Hopefully, you will find the answer here! Below, we have gathered our most commonly received questions and answers.

About Slipper

Does it really pay off to switch agreements often?

Yes! And there are two main reasons for this:

  1. Electricity companies want to make as much money as possible from existing customers, but still want to grow. Therefore, they make themselves attractive to new customers by constantly creating new inexpensive power agreements, while existing customers often have more expensive agreements (which they make even more expensive by increasing the price). In a way, loyal customers end up subsidizing new customers. By switching regularly, you always end up in the category of “new customer” – and that is advantageous.

  2. If you do not want to keep track your power plan yourself (or have us at Slipper do it for you) every month, it pays off with a cheap spot price plan. But if you follow a little more closely, you can easily beat the spot price by switching between the many different types of plans available in the power market.
How much can I save?
It’s very individual, primarily because it depends on your amount of electricity consumption. An average Slipper customer saved 3,708 kr in 2021, 4,225 kr in 2022, and 1,132 kr in 2023. Customers with smaller apartments and central heating typically save less than this, while those with larger houses can save much more.
What is Slipper’s “savings guarantee”?

We are so confident that we’ll beat your previous electricity agreement that we have a savings guarantee for all our customers. The savings guarantee ensures that you will never pay more on an agreement we find for you than what you would have paid with your previous electricity provider’s spot price agreement. If we should miss and the agreement we’ve arranged is more expensive, we’ll cover the difference so that in the worst case, you pay exactly as much as you would have with your previous electricity provider’s spot price agreement.

In other words, you can’t come out worse by being a customer with us. Perhaps Norway’s coolest guarantee, right? 😁

What is the difference between Tibber and Slipper?
Slipper actually does what many people think Tibber does. Tibber is a power company with a power agreement; spot price + 2 øre/kWh markup and NOK 39/month. It’s a good agreement, but there are better ones – and Slipper is a service (not a power company) that constantly moves you to the best power agreements.
How do you know what the best power agreements are?
We keep an eye on the power market every day. There are several hundred different power plans in Norway today, and we keep track of all of them. It is entirely possible to do this job yourself, and we are more than happy to share our best tips. The Slipper service is primarily developed for those who want to avoid doing this job themselves.
How do you calculate how much I’ve saved?

We compare with the price conditions in your previous agreement – simple as that.

If you do not have a power agreement before, we compare with the price conditions of the most common power agreement of Norway’s largest power company (currently Fjordkraft).

Can I save money compared to Tibber?

Yes, you can! 🙂

Tibber only has one electricity plan, which is a spot price plan that costs 39 NOK/month + 2 øre/kWh.

Slipper is not an electricity company. We are a service that ensures you always have the best electricity ålans. And even though we love Tibber (which perhaps has Norway’s coolest app), there are cheaper electricity plans available.

Can I save money compared to Fjordkraft?

Yes, you can! 🙂

Fjordkraft has many different electricity plans, but the most common is a spot price plan that costs 49 kr/month + 5.9 øre/kWh.

Slipper is not an electricity company. We are a service that ensures you always have the best electricity agreements. And even though we like Fjordkraft (which perhaps has Norway’s best customer service), there are cheaper electricity agreements available.

Can I save money compared to Motkraft?

Yes, you can! 🙂

Motkraft has only one electricity plan, and it’s a spot price plan that costs 29 NOK/month + 2 øre/kWh.

Slipper is not an electricity company. We are a service that ensures that you always have the best electricity agreements. And even though we like Motkraft (which is non-profit – very cool!), there are cheaper electricity agreements available.

I have finally become a Slipper customer. Is there anything I need to do?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything! We take care of all the practical aspects related to both the first, and also future, electricity plan switches. You don’t even need to terminate your previous electricity plan, as it happens automatically.

We will notify you by email before each switch, so you are always up to date on which electricity supplier you have.

How long does it take before the service starts?

To complete a power switch takes a minimum of 2 days and can take up to 14 days – but usually it doesn’t take more than a couple of days. We take care of all the practicalities related to starting your first power plan via Slipper.

Can I have multiple adresses at Slipper?
Of course. You can have as many as you want 😊
Is there a minimum contract period with Slipper?
No 🙂 There is neither a minimum contract period nor a notice period with us.

Moving and Elhub

I can’t find my address/meter in Elhub

If you’re trying to grant access in Elhub and your address/meter doesn’t appear, it could be one of the following reasons:

1. You are taking over a meter / moving into a new home

For your meter to appear in Elhub, there must at least be an active network rental agreement in your name. If you are taking over a new home, your meter will not appear until after the meter is registered to you. You must notify the desired takeover date (possible up to 30 days back in time). Once the network company has processed your order, you will find the meter in Elhub, and you can then grant Slipper access. To do this, use this link:

2. Current electricity agreement is not active in your name

If the electricity agreement is in the name of your cohabitant or someone else, no information will appear in your Elhub. You must contact your network company and order a network rental agreement. You must then choose a date (up to 30 days back in time) for the start. To grant access after the meter is registered to you, use the following link:

New address / meter? This is what you need to do!

1. Order a network rental agreement for your new address.

Contact your network owner to do this.
(if you already have an active network rental agreement, you can go directly to step 2)

2. Grant access

After the network rental agreement is active, you need to grant Slipper access to your new active electricity meter. Do it via the following link:

3. We order the best electricity deals

Once you have granted us access to your electricity meter, we will automatically pick this up, and then order a new good deal on your behalf to your new address.

What happens to the address you are moving from?
Usually, the new resident orders electricity in connection with the takeover or on their own, but there is no guarantee they will do so. To ensure that the electricity is terminated at the right time, it’s best to notify well in advance so that you can cancel on the correct date. The cancellation date cannot be set back in time if you cancel the agreement yourself; it’s earliest possible to set it two days forward in time. However, those taking over have the option to set the start date 30 days back in time.

Invoice and payments

Where will my first electricity bill come from?

Your electricity bill will always end up directly in your online banking. This happens automatically as long as you have activated “always eFaktura” (95% of Norwegian bank customers have already done so). If you haven’t done it, you will receive a paper invoice in the mail.

All electricity companies offer “Avtalegiro” if you want your bill to be paid automatically.

Why am I getting a separate invoice from Slipper?

If you receive an invoice from Slipper, it means that we have succeeded in reducing your electricity bill that month – and then we send an invoice as payment for the service we have delivered.

Most Slipper customers receive an invoice every month – a good sign! Remember that we have a savings guarantee: If you save less than what the membership costs, the service is free (you pay nothing). In other words, you can only come out better! We believe the invoice from us is the only invoice in Norway that effectively results in more money in your account!

Can I have AvtaleGiro with Slipper?
You can set it up in the usual way in your online bank when you pay your first invoice from us, or by contacting your bank.

General information about electricity

Do I receive the governmental electricity subsidy as a Slipper customer?

Yes, you do! 🙂

The electricity support is based on the spot price in your electricity zone and is totally independent of which electricity agreement you have. Whether you have Norway’s most expensive electricity agreement or Norway’s cheapest, you receive the same amount in electricity support. In other words, it still pays off to have a good electricity agreement!

You don’t need to do anything since the electricity support is automatically deducted from the network lease invoice. You receive the network lease invoice either directly from your network company or as part of the electricity bill if you have electricity and network lease on the same invoice.

Will I get less electricity support with Slipper?

No 😊

The electricity support is actually completely “blind” to your electricity agreement; it is based on the spot price in your electricity zone. This means that no matter which electricity agreement you have, you receive the same amount in electricity support. See this page to estimate your electricity support and for more information.

Slipper + electricity support = win-win!

What is the difference between grid rent and electricity?

Grid rent:
The grid rent bill covers maintenance and development of the power grid (cables, power poles, etc.) and for the transport of electricity from power plants to your electrical outlet.

The electricity bill covers the electricity you consume. The electricity is purchased by electricity companies on the Nord Pool exchange and then sold to you.

As it is now possible for electricity companies to offer grid rent and electricity on the same bill, many people think of both grid rent and electricity when referring to the “electricity bill” in everyday language, but in reality, these are two different products from two different companies.

Where can I keep track of my own electricity consumption?

If you want to keep track of your own consumption, we recommend using the App/my pages of your local network owner. If you live, for example, in Eastern Norway, Elvia has a very nice App that works regardless of which electricity company you have.

Unfortunately, no third parties in Norway automatically get access to electricity data the way electricity companies do. But we don’t give up that easily! We’re working hard to solve this for both us and other parties who want to contribute to making electricity understandable, transparent, and to reducing consumption. We now have an app that shows electricity prices and that will support your consumption too in the first half of 2024! You can download it now and you will be notified when consumption and other exciting functionality is ready! 😄

Do you have an app that shows electricity prices?


We have an app (with support for English and Norwegian) that provides an overview of the current electricity price, for today, tomorrow, and historical prices back to 2016. More features are also on the way! Download the app here.

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