Want cheaper electricity bills?

Ofcourse, so do we! Slipper is a service which automatically finds and keeps you on the best energy deals – so you save money every month.

Seamless experience

We organize and take care of the switch process. Sit back and relax while we work to lower your bills. 

Save money

We only do a switch if you save money. No cure – no switch!

Cancel any time

Ofcourse we do not have any “bindingstid”. We believe in freedom of choice!

We are on the same team

… and share the savings. Which means it is beneficial for both that your bills are as low as possible. 

The problem with the Norwegian electricity market

Today there is over 500 available electricity deals – and over 165 electricity companies. Each and every deal is marketed as cheap (or the cheapest), and surely they can not all be cheap. On top of this, the electricity companies create their own words and concepts in order to confuse us consumers – so they can increase their profits. 

Our findings show that the two groups that are most exposed to the electricity companies’ deception are elderly and immigrants – and frankly we have had enough of this injustice. That’s why we created Slipper, a service which navigates this complicated market for you – and makes sure you don’t get ripped off again.

We work for you

Let us do the work for you. We scan and monitor the market continously after the best and cheapest deals. When we find one where you save money, we’ll switch for you automatically.

You save money

Our goal is that you pay as little as possible. Every month we calculate how much you have saved and send you an SMS with the result. Maybe it’s you who are our new super-saver?

Smart switching

We fix everything when it comes to switching, and we will of course notify you with the details. 

Every month you will receive a “savings-check” which shows how much you have saved.

Why we created Slipper

  • Huseierne: Market in chaos

    Lack of information, countless deals, frequent price changes and obscure terms. This is something that our country’s electricity customers meet every day.

  • VG: Systematic trickery

    Forbrukerrådet say they have exposed 29 electricity companies for comprehensive price cheating. «We can not understand how it is legal to operate this way.»

  • E24: Price cheating

    Oil- and energy minister Tina Bru takes action after Forbrukerrådet has reported a line of electricity companies for comprehensive price cheating.

  • Forbrukerrådet: Reports in 29 companies

    «It is unacceptable to deceive customers by stating a price, and then sending a much higher bill.»

We are on the same team

Slipper is a completely independent service.
We do not work for electricity companies – only for you.

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