We split the savings. You always save money.

Simple, fair pricing – like it should be.

How we make money

When we save you money, we split the savings with you 50/50.

If we save money on your behalf, we divide the savings in two. You keep 50% – money that would otherwise have gone to the electricity companies. If we succeed in reducing your electricity bill by 1,000 kr, you save 500 kr, Slipper earns 400 kr and 100 kr goes to the state (VAT).

How we calculate the savings

We compare the price of your previous deal, with the price we obtain on your behalf.

Based on your consumption, our savings engine calculates what the price with your previous agreement would have been and compare this price with the actual price we achieved – and the difference is the savings. When we send you an SMS with the saving, it is your part of the savings (50%) that is stated.

Why we are not getting paid by the electricity companies 

Because we want to make money in a fair way.

We only work for you, not the electricity companies, so you know we are doing everything we can to save you the most money possible. As much as we’d love to work for free, we have to keep the lights on.

We have chosen a model where we benefit from our customers having the best deals, in stark contrast to the electricity companies who make more money the worse deal you have. 

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