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It is beneficial to switch electricity plans often

It requires time, knowledge, and energy. Slipper is the electricity switching service that does the job for you

Slipper hjelper deg med å få billigere strøm
Slipper er støttet av Forskningsrådet
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Why use Slipper?

    The way the electricity market works today, it pays off to switch electricity plans often. You can save money by being an active electricity shopper.

    Slipper is the automatic electricity switching service that always has you on the cheapest electricity plans.


    What is the problem with the electricity market?

    The electricity market is so complex that half of Norwegian electricity customers feel cheated by their electricity company. It should be easy to be on a good electricity plan, but often it’s not.

    Active electricity shopping is time-consuming and difficult

    There are many good electricity plans, but the best plans often have limited duration. If you forget to switch plans when the good terms expire, the price goes up. Then it will pay off to switch plans again.

    Misleading marketing

    We see that many electricity companies do not promote their best plans. The reason is that they can earn more by selling more expensive plans. We have yet to find an electricity company that markets themselves as expensive. Most claim to be “cheap”.

    The market for electricity plans is not transparent

    There are more than 500 different electricity plans today. The price of many of these plans changes frequently. Not all plans are publicly available, or at best difficult to find.

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    Slipper solves the problem

    We keep track of which plans are the cheapest

    It is advantageous to switch power plans often. It requires time, knowledge, and energy. That’s why we do it for you!

    We switch the plan for you when you can save money

    Slipper monitors the price of your plan and switches your plan automatically when it is profitable.

    We tell you how much you have saved

    Get an overview of savings every month. In 2022, an average Slipper customer saved 4225 kr.

    Vi har sparegaranti - vi garanterer at du får lavere strømutgifter!

    Ready to stop thinking about electricity contracts?

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    Our business model is win-win!

    Slipper has no binding period and costs nothing if you don’t save anything. If you save money, we share the savings equally. Simple and fair – like it should be!

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